Trophy Species


(Cervus elaphusᅠL.)

Theᅠred deerᅠis one of the largest deer species and it is called the king of the woods. Stalking an old stag during the rut is one of the most exciting hunts. Red stag is most wanted game for every hunter.

The best success can be achieved during the mating season in September.

Ways to hunt red deer are by stalking and waiting. Rifled-barrel weapons are used. We recommend using these calibers for hunting: .308, .30-06, 7x64, 300 Win Mag, 7 Rem Mag, 8x68, etc.

Hunting season

Stag:  16th Aug – 15th Feb

Hind:  1st Sep – 15th Jan

Calf :  1st Sep  – 28th/29th Feb

Best hunting period

Trophy Stag:   1st Sep –ᅠ 30th Sep  (Rut time)

Lenght/height :ᅠ275/150 cm (108/59 inches)


- stag: 120-300 kg (264‒660 lb)

- hind: 70-200 kg  (154‒440 lb)



(Sus scrofaᅠL.)

As one of the smartest animals on the planet, wild boars represent one of our most exciting hunts. The majority of wild boars are harvested up to 140 kg (440 lb) in weight but sometimes the older wild boar trophies can weigh up to 320 kg (705 lb) and have tusks of 30 cm (12 inches) in length.

Wild boar is hunted with driven hunt, stalking and waiting. Weapons with rifled-barrel are used for hunt and minimum bullet weight is 9 grams (140 grains). We recommend using these calibers for hunting: .308, .30-06, 7x64, 300 Win Mag, 7 Rem Mag, 8x68, 9,3x62, 9,3x64, .375, etc.

Hunting season:  all year round (except sow)

Best hunting period:

  - Driven hunt: November, December, up to 15th January

  - Stalking and waiting trophy male boar: all year round

Lenght/height : 130/90cm (51/35 inches)


- male wild boar: up to 300 kg (up to 660 lb)

- sow: up to 150 kg (up to 330 lb)

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(Capreolus capreolusᅠL.)

The European roe deer, also known as the western roe deer, chevreuil or just roe deer, is a Eurasian species of deer. It is one of the most populated games. The season opening by May 1st attracts many hunters, because the game is easy to spot in low vegetation. May and June are perfect months for hunt. For some hunters rut hunt by the end of July and early August is the best time to hunt.

Ways of hunting deer are stalking and waiting. Rifled-barrel weapons are used in deer hunt and the minimum bullet weight is 5 grams (80 grains).


Hunting season:

Buck: ᅠ16th April –  30th Sep

Doe/fawn:ᅠᅠ1st  Sep – 31st Jan

Best hunting period:

Trophy buck:   1st May– 31st May/ 15th Jul – 10th Aug

Lenght/height:ᅠ 140/75 cm (55/30 inches)


Buck: 20‒30 kg (44‒66 lb)

Doe:  17‒25 kg (37‒55 lb)


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(Dama damaᅠL.)

The fallow deer have beautiful palmate antlers, usually found only in males, which distinguish Dama dama from all other deer.

Trophy of fallow deer captivates us with his selflessness and beauty and it is pride of every hunter. The best time for hunting is in October, during the rutting season, but successful hunting is possible in later months as well. Ways to hunt fallow deer are by stalking and waiting. Rifled-barrel weapons are used and minimum weight of bullet is 9 grams (140 grains).


Hunting season:

Fallow deer:   16th Sep – 31st Jan

Hind:                1st Oct – 31st Jan

Calf:                  1st Oct – 28 th/29th Feb

Lenght/height:ᅠ150/110 cm (59/43 inches)


- Fallow deer: 60-90 kg (132‒198 lb)

- Hind: 30-60 kg (66‒132 lb)



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(Ursus arctos)

Theᅠbrown-bearᅠis a mammal belonging to the family of bears. Bear hunting is one of the most challenging sports – combining skill, knowledge and patience to give you one of the most desirable trophies.

Trophies can be from 350 – 400 CIC average, that is from 200-300 kg (440 – 660 inches) average, but they can be up to 400 kg (880 inches).ᅠMajority of the harvested bears are in medal range. Among them there are several exceptional trophy bears with 440 CIC points and above. Hunting is recommended during winter and in early spring and the final hunting date is confirmed with the hunting ranger.

Rifled-barrel weapons are used and we recommend weight of bullet 11.50 grams (177 grains).


Hunting season:

1st Mar – 15th May

16th Sep –  15th Dec

Lenght/height:ᅠ220/130 cm (87/51 inches)


- male:    150‒300 kg (330‒660 lb)

- female: up to 100 kg (up to 220 lb)

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(Ovis aries musimon Pall.)

European mouflon can handle difficult conditions of climate and terrain. Grounds offering mouflon hunting  guarantee a trophy for the desired medal category. Several rams over 220 CIC points are harvested every season in those estates. Hunt is fair chase, conducted by spot and stalk mainly. The best time for hunting mouflon is from late September to early December. Enjoy watching mouflon climb up cliffs hanging over the sea.

Rifled-barrel weapons are used and we recommend the bullet weight of 4.80 grams.


Hunting season:

Male:   all year round

Female and lamb: 1st Aug-31st Dec

Lenght/height:ᅠ120/70 cm (47/28 inches)


- male: 40‒50 kg (88‒110 lb)

- female: 30‒35 kg (66‒77 lb)

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(Rupicapra rupicapra L.)

The Balkan chamois is larger than the alpine subspecies and can be found at altitudes of 0 to 1310 meters (of 0 to 1432 yards).

Chamois is usually hunt by observation and sneaking with the use of binoculars. Because of its extraordinary senses it's almost impossible to sneak‐up to close distance, so shooting is usually done from 220 or 330 meters (from 240 or 360 yards). Enjoy watching chamois with only the islands and sea as a backdrop.

Rifled‐barrel weapons are used and minimum weight of bullet is 4.80 grams.


Hunting season: 1st Oct ‐ 31st Jan

Lenght/height: 110/75 cm (43/30 inches)


‐ male: 45 kg (99 lb)

‐ female: 35 kg (77 lb)


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(Canis lupus)

Wolf is one of the best known predators in the world. Wolf breeds in January or February, and after mating pairs are disbanded and males live separated until the autumn, while females remain with their new growth. Usual ways of hunting a wolf are by chase or wait. Wolf trophies are skull and fur with head.

Hunting season

Wolf: all year round

Female wolf and young wolf: 1st Jul ‐28th Feb

Lenght/height: 170/70 cm (66/27 inches)

Weight: 25‐50 kg (55‐110 lb)




(Canis aureus L.)

Jackal ordinary or golden jackal is one of the most widespread types of jackal. This type of jackal is the largest of all the jackals and is the only member of the family who lives outside of Africa. Ways of jackal hunt are an individual hunt by waiting and stalking, and collaborative hunting gear and drive throughout the year, except in spring when the females carry and lead young.


Hunting season:

All year round except when the female is pregnant or has her young

Lenght/height: 100/50 cm (39/19 inches)

Weight: 10‐15 kg (22‐33 lb)




(Vulpes vulpes L.)

Fox hunting is one of the most popular hunts of experienced hunters. The fox is an animal of  twilight, which in the evening goes in search of food and it is active all night. This cunning predator will be caught in the winter, especially for their fur.


Hunting season:

All year round except when the female is pregnant or has her young

Lenght/height: 80/50 cm (31/19 inches)

Weight: 6‐8 kg (13/18 lb)




(Phasianus sp. L.)

As the hunter's horn blasts across the landscape the most exhilarating pheasant hunt of your life begins. Driven pheasant hunt on our hunting ground is an unforgettable experience.

When it comes to hunt, mainly pheasant have been hunted with dogs pointers. Hunting shotgun is used for pheasant hunt, cal. 12, 16 and 20 using bullet with diameter of 3,0 to 3,5 mm (0,12 to 0,14 inches).


Hunting season: 16th Sep ‐ 31st Jan


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(Anas platyrhynchos L.)

Duck hunting, most often the mall, is very popular. The ducks are hunted by waiting to fly over, before and after sunset, when leaving the water and fly in the inland looking for food; ducks are also being hunt with dogs. We recommend using larger pellet from 3,0 to 3,5 mm (0,12 – 0,14 inches).



Hunting season: 1st Sep – 31st Jan



(Anser fabalis latham.)

Hunting season: 1st Nov – 31st Jan



(Scolopax rusticola L.)

Hunting season: 1st Oct– 28/29th Feb



(Coturnix coturnix L.)

Hunting season: 1st Sep– 31st Jan



(Lepus europaeus Pall.)

Hunting season: 1st Oct – 15th Jan


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